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Malcolm Gerdes-Hansen ∼ Scottish Toastmaster

Malcolm is a professional Toastmaster with over 30 years experience. He is skilled in all aspects of protocol, procedure and etiquette and will help make your event a memorable occasion, while allowing you to enjoy your special day.

Malcolm has officiated at weddings of 35 people, at charity balls for 300 and at corporate events for over 1000,
each a separate challenge but all conducted to the delight and satisfaction of the organisers.
Member of the Confrerie du Sabre d'Or (The Brotherhood of the Golden Sabre).
Malcolm is a Member of the Confrerie du Sabre d'Or (trans: The Brotherhood of the Golden Sabre) - a practising exponent of the historical art of opening a Bottle of Champagne with a Sabre, a skill which goes back to the time of the Napoleonic Wars. This special service is included for all wedding celebrations that Malcolm conducts, with the champagne being served to the Bride and Bridegroom for their special champagne toast.

On your wedding day Malcolm will…

  • Liaise with church and other wedding services at least one hour before guests arrive.
  • Greet the guests on their arrival at the church.
  • Welcome the Bride and the Bridegroom on their arrival.
  • Assist with the photographer arranging the guests.
  • Organise the receiving line.
  • Announce and present the guests on their arrival.
  • Announce and escort the newly married couple to the top table.
  • Announce the Speakers and the cutting of the wedding cake.
  • Ensure that the day is the special day it should be.
Whether you are planning a wedding, charity ball, corporate event, award ceremony or masonic event, the benefits a professional Toastmaster brings to the occasion ensures you'll have a carefree and enjoyable day.

Contact details for Malcolm Gerdes-Hansen Toastmaster ∼
Tel: 01333 422261
Mobile: 0780 662 5841

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